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The Energy Justice Law & Policy Center (EJLPC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting energy justice. We work with local communities to address harms caused by energy systems while catalyzing a just clean power transition. Click here to learn more about our mission and values.


At EJLPC, we have various programs and projects aimed at promoting energy justice. We work with local communities to address environmental harms caused by energy systems while driving change towards resilience and sustainability. We work to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and promoting clean energy alternatives. We also have programs focused on air quality, promoting energy efficiency in low-income communities and advocating for energy justice policies locally, nationally and internationally. 

  • Shaping Policies for a Just Energy Transition
    Our Legal and Regulatory Advocacy program is dedicated to shaping policy and legal frameworks that advance energy justice and promote equitable transitions to clean energy. We advocate for inclusive policies that prioritize marginalized communities and environmental well-being. A central focus of this program is the implementation of the New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), which sets ambitious climate goals for the state. As part of our efforts, Raya Salter, our Founder and Executive Director, actively participates in the New York State Climate Action Council where she advocates for the just and effective implementation of the CLCPA. This council plays a pivotal role in shaping the state's climate policies and ensuring they align with the goals of our Climate Act. Additionally, we are deeply involved in the development of a clean and equitable transmission grid in New York state. EJLPC serves as a member of the NYS Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council, working to ensure the development of a transmission grid that complies with the climate goals outlined in the CLCPA. Our key initiatives also encompass environmental justice policy advocacy, promoting a clean energy transition, community engagement, and combating environmental injustice. We are committed to fostering policies and regulations that support a just energy transition benefiting all communities, particularly those disproportionately affected by environmental inequalities. At EJLPC, we are dedicated to ensuring that no communities are left behind in the clean energy transition. Join us in our mission to advance energy justice, environmental equity, and a sustainable energy future for all.
  • Energy Justice Alliance: Uniting Communities for a Just Transition
    The Energy Justice Law and Policy Center convenes the Energy Justice Alliance (EJA). EJA is a BIPOC-led grassroots coalition organizing for a just transition in southern Westchester, the Hudson Valley and New York State. EJA's mission is to unite communities around environmental, racial, and economic justice. We create spaces in policy for frontline voices, including youth voices, ensuring that marginalized communities are at the forefront of the just transition movement. Key Focus Areas: - Stopping Fossil Gas Plants: We strive to halt the construction of new gas plants, preventing their expansion and advocating for cleaner, sustainable energy alternatives. - Working to develop community-based and led energy policy to ensure a seat at the table for frontline communities in a just clean energy economy, including family sustaining and union jobs for BIPOC communities.
  • Empowering Communities through Air Quality Data
    Our air monitoring program, a partnership with Aclima and New York State, leverages cutting-edge localized environmental air quality data to engage and empower local communities. We partner with educational institutions, including New Rochelle High School and the City of New Rochelle Youth Bureau, to provide data and educational support, creating learning opportunities for students. Key Initiatives: - Community Air Monitoring: We actively participate as a nonprofit partner with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Community Air Monitoring Program, collecting and disseminating air quality data. - Youth Engagement: Air of Truth engages youth through programs like the "eco-ambassadors" initiative, fostering environmental awareness and community involvement. - Community Storytelling: Our program encourages community members to share their experiences, raising awareness about environmental issues and advocating for positive change.
  • Fighting Big Oil and Gas
    We work with BIPOC families and communities whose land is being exploited by the oil and gas industry. Through strategic partnerships and advocacy, we aim to restore and reclaim BIPOC land from the oil and gas industry.
  • Live programs and events from UN COP meetings
    EJLPC works with Facing Future TV to produce live programs from UN COP meetings, including COP 28 in Dubai (Nov. 30-Dec. 10). We also participate in negotiations with allied coalitions. Check out this year's schedule here! We also produced programs from COP 26 in Glasgow and COP 27 in Egypt
  • The Climate Auntie Platform
    Climate Auntie, an initiative featuring Energy Justice Law & Policy Center's Executive Director Raya Salter, is your go-to nurturing space for all things climate change and environmental justice. Raya Salter breaks down complex policy issues for a range of audiences. Our mission is to provide an inviting environment where individuals can access informative content, engage in Q&A sessions with experts, find inspiration in stories of positive change, connect with a like-minded community, and discover actionable steps to make a difference. Climate Auntie is your friendly guide in the complex world of climate issues, offering support and knowledge to individuals of all backgrounds and levels of expertise. Contact us at for more or to connect with Climate Auntie!


Promoting Energy Justice

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