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Green Hills


The Energy Justice Law & Policy Center, or EJLPC, is a nonprofit energy justice law and policy firm and think tank. Our mission is to work with local communities to address harms caused by energy systems while catalyzing a just clean power transition. We are committed to providing legal and policy support to underserved communities to ensure their voices are heard in energy decision-making processes.


Raya Salter, Esq.

Raya Salter is an international energy and climate justice law and policy expert, thought leader, communicator and advocate. 

Raya Salter has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer and advocate working for the nation's most prominent firms, environmental and social service organizations.



EJLPC's approach to energy justice is grounded in community engagement and empowerment. We believe that communities should have a say in energy policies and decisions that impact their lives. Our team of legal and policy experts work with communities to understand their energy needs and concerns, and develop strategies to address them. With a focus on equity and justice, we strive to ensure that all communities have access to clean and affordable energy.

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